Lucky Lottery Numbers – How To Pick Them

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Winning the jackpot prize in the lottery is common goal for many individuals.  Winning such a huge amount of money can change someone's life immensely. Debts can be paid and a better life can be achieved. This is why many people who play the lottery implement strategies in picking lucky lottery numbers.  There are players who bet on special dates like birth dates, anniversary dates, etc.  Below are some helpful tips on picking the lucky numbers that might help you become a blessed lotto winner. 

Everyday Unique Numbers
Rather than picking the usual numbers from birthday of your family members, look around you and you can see other potential lucky numbers. Look at the plate number of your car.  Bet on the number of your house, the birthday of a pet or the number on your school or company ID.  Numbers are everywhere; you just have to be observant and resourceful in picking numbers that will bring in your luck.  
The Best Way For Increased Winning Chances
In playing the lottery, some experts say that there really is no perfect strategy that will allow you to win the jackpot easily and immediately. Winning the lottery in covered by the principle of probability. Using mathematical formula of probability, one can compute a winning chance to be one in thousands (even millions) events.  Winning chances is not governed by the technique in picking numbers. 
To have higher winning chances, you must be able to buy more tickets.  More tickets will give you more chances to win.  If you have the budget, try doubling the number of tickets you buy. Each member will bet on his/her particular set of lucky numbers. Nonetheless, do not be too excited in spending your money since you know that extra tickets will give you better probability. Set a certain amount that you can affordably spend on playing lottery.  Do not allow yourself to be carried away that even your household budget will be slashed off to give way to your desire to win the jackpot.  
In line with this, other people consider joining a lotto or lottery pool wherein a number of lotto players join in a single group. These people agree to buy different lottery tickets and agree that if ever anyone of them wins, the money will be divided among the members of the pool.  If you are only after winning the lottery; and if you do not mind sharing your winnings with other people, then a lottery pool can be your alternative solution.
No Patterns Involved
In picking numbers, make sure you do not follow patterns like star and zigzag. Lottery is based on randomness and doing so will decrease your chances to win.  
Sticking On Common Dates
If you really want to make use of special dates in your life, then you could apply some numerology concepts to bring forth new lucky numbers.  For example, you can add the digits of your child's birth date. If born on July 28, 2003; simply add 07+2+8+2+0+0+3=22. Do this on other birth dates of each member of the household.
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Lucky Lottery Numbers – How To Pick Them

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Lucky Lottery Numbers – How To Pick Them

This article was published on 2012/08/14