Popular Strategies for Predicting Lottery Winning Numbers

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Most strategies devised by the experts have a foundation in pure mathematical calculus or elementary logic, and despite providing players with ingenious number prediction systems, they can never guarantee you a win. However, by mastering popular techniques of predicting lottery winning numbers such as tracking, wheeling and pooling, you can improve your chances of winning, even if sometimes only by a fraction.

To improve your chances of winning state lottery games, the seasoned players advise sticking with smaller lotteries, as they attract fewer players and thus offer better odds for your chosen numbers to hit. While the more popular lotteries offer more enticing prizes, they also get a lot of attention, which significantly hurts your chances of winning the big bucks. Now let’s have a look of the three most popular state lottery number selection strategies designed by the pros and see how they can be applied to predict the numbers that are most likely to win.

Tracking Also popular under the name of frequency analysis, tracking is a prediction method that involves the logging of numbers drawn with past lottery games, in order to help determine the ones with the highest chance of hitting again in the future. At present, people caught up in state lottery number trending can be divided into two main groups with completely divergent views. While the first category of number trackers base their way of playing on the hot numbers, or the numbers that have hit most often in the past, the other category avoids these and focuses instead on cold numbers, or numbers that have appeared rarely over time and are expected to finally pop up at some point.

Apart from these two conflicting approaches to lottery number tracking, there are also methods that propose going for a balanced mix between hot and cold numbers, as well as others that favor a more random manner of play. The latter approach encourages playing a combination of hot and cold numbers, but with the addition of numbers outside this system of prediction. Although the opinions behind number frequency analysis greatly differ and some people greet the method with skepticism, statistics indicate that most repeat lottery winners have been successfully relying on this prediction system to select their numbers for years. With this in mind, don’t hesitate to explore frequency analysis in greater depth and see how well it works for you.

Wheeling Professional state lottery players believe that the method of wheeling has great potential in locking in the numbers you favor, thus significantly increasing your chances of winning. Compared to other methods, wheeling doesn’t provide a number selection system, but stands out as a strategy for utilizing all your preferential numbers. In short, this strategy involves creating a list with what you believe to be the best possible picks, and relying on a coded system to indicate various possibilities of playing them all in rotation.

The main problem with wheeling however lies in its rather pricey nature. This requires you to set up a special budget for it, with the size of the budget being influenced by how many numbers you pick and decide to play at once.

With so many online and offline specialized vendors, purchasing wheels is easy, and you have the freedom to choose from a variety of designs such as grids or graphs, and with multiple methods of coding. The wheel blanks you purchase give you the option to alternate between different combinations, so that you get a fresh succession of numbers with each new play.

Pooling This last lottery winning strategy involves using your resources in a more efficient manner by signing up for a dedicated lottery club. When you become a member of such a club, you are required to bring your own contribution to the raising and management of a common budget set up together with other club members. The generous amount of money pooled over time is invested entirely in state lottery tickets, allowing for a large number of tickets to be bought, and thus significantly increasing your and all other members’ chances of winning.

Although pooling can be very beneficial to all persons involved, this approach to lottery playing also involves more risks. To keep these risks to a minimum and avoid being ripped off by other people involved in the scheme, make sure you only join serious clubs run by people in whom you can trust.

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Popular Strategies for Predicting Lottery Winning Numbers

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This article was published on 2010/07/15