What Should You Do When You Win A Lottery?

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After trying for many years, finally, with the proper guidance, system, strategy and attitude, you strike that lottery winning number! And the prize is $2million! You are excited, could not believe it and on the cloud nine. You went to claim the lottery money, have them banked into your account and laughing all the way. Now, with that money, you literally can have all you could dream of. Big houses, luxury cars, expensive trips, sumptuous meals, branded clothes etc. But, are these the right ways for you to spend all your lottery prize money?

Statistic shows that 99% of lottery winners spend all their lottery prize in less than a year and become financial distressed shortly after their win. I am sure this is not what you want. So, how should you spend the prize gained from winning the lottery?

Of course, it is totally alright to reward and pamper yourself with the lottery prize money. But this must be done carefully with proper planning. Only a fraction of the prize should be spent on rewarding and pampering yourself. You should also be careful in spending the money as well as it may attract tax in some countries.

In deciding what to do with the remaining prize that you just won from the lottery, you should not consult friends who are not financial experts. You should instead, gain some knowledge and seek proper guidance on how the right way to safeguard and grow your prize money. The fastest and most effective way is to learn from the financial experts. They could surely provide you beneficial advice and guidance.

If you spend your lottery prize money wisely, you could make your fortune last and produce a everlasting stream of income for you. This way, you may no longer need to work for money for the rest of your life. The prize money that you win from the lottery will work for you!

So, be wise. Use the money you win from a lottery game to grow more money. Do not spend them all recklessly.

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What Should You Do When You Win A Lottery?

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This article was published on 2010/09/26