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Each one of us is dreaming to win the lottery. We all want to be not a million dollar but a multi-million dollar man. Winning the lotto will extremely affect our ways of living. From scratch we can pick up the pieces and be extravagant. Money can do so many things for us. Being rich and luxurious can be acquired if we have that big amount of money.

Winning the jackpot is not impossible (as long as you keep betting). So don't lose hope if you fail once, twice or thrice. There are lucky human beings that hit the pot in just one betting. And that is what you call pure luck. But most of the winners follow a winning lottery tips while betting and most of them plays for more than a month or year.

Many winning lottery tips are being sold online and many put their money on buying such things just to win the lotto. Why not try the following lucky lottery tips that we are presenting to you for free?

First, if you are an avid player, look for the numbers that are mostly drawn. Check previous drawn numbers and find their common numbers. The next time you bet try to combine these common numbers and who knows you may hit the pot prize.

Secondly, choose numbers from upper and lower part of the play slip. Combine low and high numbers. Very frequently that the lotto result is pure lower numbers or pure higher numbers. Strictly avoid marking consecutive numbers like 1, 2, 3, 4 and so on. It is very impossible that these sets of numbers will be drawn.

Third, combine your age and birthdates. Other does not suggest in using this system but many winners luckily claim the jackpot by using this strategy. Do not use the dates alone. Always combine them with their corresponding age so you will not be limiting your numbers to between 1 and 31. For example the birthday of your parents is January 10, 1956 so the betting numbers for him is 01-10-19-55-56. 01 is for January, 10 for the day and 19 - 56 is the year and 55 is the age. If you are playing the 6-digit then you can combine them with your birth date or with the birth date of the other members of the family.

Fourth, make advantage of your dreams. Some dreams are said to be a revelation from heaven. There are corresponding numbers in a certain things. Like for example if you dream of a house, the corresponding number is 20. If you dreamed of a certain person calculate his age and combine it with his birth date. This will bring you success in winning the jackpot.

Lastly and most of all, choose numbers that first enters your mind. Intuitions always help us and provide us good decisions. Pure natural feeling never fails us. This really shows you the right winning numbers to bet on. It is your own gut feelings telling you that you we are going to succeed in getting the jackpot.

It is up to you how you want to play the lottery. The best strategy is still on your hands. Try these all 4 winning lottery tips from some lucky lotto winners and scoop the millions. Good luck.

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Winning Lottery Tips

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Winning Lottery Tips

This article was published on 2011/09/23